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The collection of receipts, travel tickets and personal notes all play a vital role in Ana's work as she tries to identify what makes an object a memento or a piece of documentation. Only by collecting and presenting do we acknowledge these objects to signify the transient nature of our daily life. 
Another aspect of Ana's practice are Spatial drawings. Created as a way of investigating the concept of documentation through drawing, their purpose is to understand what features contribute to our impression of a space and subsequently to abstract everything else from it. By isolating these elements, we can identify what features are intrinsic to the way we perceive the environment we are in and how effective this has been translated.
Concepts of documentation, dream logic, psychogeography and perception are presented to convey a sense of candidness, playful irreverence or objectivity within a narrative, either her own, or of someone else. Ana currently lives and works in London.
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