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- hyperlink 2017 and 2020 Other
-Bicycle wheel: add sounds from mac and picture of broken keys
-bored of nails: add sounds from mac
td: general
+ check quality of images on website vs google drive.
+ complete 2018/19 page
+ add google maps house images to bedroom images
+ links from greece writing to own page


- more photos

-sketches of process if any

(for model of frames/bicycle wheel etc)


// Linking certain texts, images etc that provoke location

Think about the locations significance, how this could be represented and whether this is something you want to document. 

p- gives audience a better impression, adds intimacy

c- too intimate, potentially irrelevant. 

// dont feel like you have to use this as a template for all writing.  

add image/impression in playful way if relevant and if done well.

keep it light, stay detached.

-sort out covid soundscape: check diary for things needed. add megan harry interview from news
+ add photographs from greece


think about what you're going to be doing with the footage you've been making

17: magpie

Add soundscape from cassette or leave for person to find?

+ rizla collage (thank you for smoking)

- drawings from fabriano sketchbook (check instagram)
* find things i've been writing for this year and for 2019
- sketches from NHM
- writing
- collages
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