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Lemon meringue

October 2016

I denied trusting my own judgement

because I trusted you were open about yours

You made me a fool

blindly naive


You pressured me into processing my emotions faster than i could recognise what it was that i felt, on the spot.

You couldn't give that in return and i would never have asked that of you.

keep talking until what you say could count.

keep talking until you make enough sense for yourself.

i'm not going to be your fool.


You served your purpose for me, but i couldnt have served my purpose for you.

Now someone else can teach you __optimism__,

patience and what its like to feel free.


You gave up too soon

like you did with the meringue

of the lemon pie.

if i left it like you did

we'd have went to your aunts

with empty hands and let down hearts.

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