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Loneliness is not a mental health issue,

they're just strongly related

November 2019

I'm not sure what i'm checking
But i just check things on my phone.
(i've never been more on gmail in my life)
- Is that because i'm unemployed and my only chance of getting an income depends on me checking my mail? Most likely, Still doesnt change anything.
And any suggested news
Which, thankfully includes articles from the dailymail, 
to make me feel less like life's not going great for me.
Last night i couldnt sleep.
I heard a dripping noise
To the point where i had to find the source of the dripping
In case the ceiling collapsed on my head and there would be no real substance to my life.
- Obviously an exaggerated thought brought on because of a story on the radio i heard one morning about how part of the ceiling at the Piccadilly theatre collapsed on some people in the 3rd row (watch out) and the __Presenter__ asks the listeners if its happened to them, and surprisingly, it happens a lot. Still wouldnt change anything.
I figure when i get my shit together
And i get a job
I can move out and be happy
And feel less lonely
Like Zone 4 is the edge of nothing worth doing
Instead of what it really is, which is the edge of London
And to get a grip cos there's places further from something to do.
And there are people around me who would actually do the things i'd want to do if i only reached out. Still doesnt change anything.
I'd still feel lonely.

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