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Sincerely Lucky

November 2019

I've never been so sure of death
As i was when i was younger.
It usually came in moments where i felt sincerely lucky
To be stroking Athena
To have her by my side.
And i thought
'I cant believe, in this moment, i am lucky enough to love something as much as this'
And almost soon after i was confronetd with the certainty
That one day, my heart will stop beating
And my last breath would occur without my knowledge
And that would be it.
Thoughts stop
And so would my being
And i'd find out once and for all 
If a god really exists
What all the arguments were about
And where i'd go next.
And then i;d be back on my bed again,
Curled up, next to Athena
Who was purring in the alcove my body created for her
And i was lucky again to be where i was, while i could.

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