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It's hard not to imagine your life in the future,

with someone you love in the present

January 2020

I'd like to retire somewhere in France

The cliche'd run down villa

That has its charm in the cracks of the broken walls,

Faded paint and creaking doors

I'd like to wake up early and pick an apple from our trees in the garden

Make a coffee for two

And read in the garden

With my toes fondling the grass

Waiting until you wake up

To join me

I'd like to take a bike ride around town while I run my errands mid-day

Post some things

Pick up some things

And bump into someone

Who just got back from being away for a month or two

It's hard to not imagine all of this

Without you being there.

It doesn't have to be here

And it doesn't have to be you

But I'd very much like it to be.

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