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That certain kind of mood

July 2019

I have nothing to create
nothing to write
or to say
and yet i'm still thinking

i drew this piece in my sketchbook as an attempt to do something of value today
and i came up with the title which goes something like
'outside of me is nothing and i am blue' but the watch i drew around is left plain white so i wanted to say something about 'only time existing within me, and outside of me there is nothing' because I've coloured the background in biro
but its still not a title that's good enough so I've just left it and continued watching the film i was watching.

the constraints of time exist while i am blue and 
outside of me there is nothing.
my bum hurts
and i hate feeling this hot
and relying on a fan to regulate my body temperature every time it turns in my direction
and then oscillates to cool down the room i'm in
as if that'll do any good.

maybe i have nothing left to say
and nothing else to draw
i have become regular
there is nothing
and thats okay
until i think about everything i wanted or knew i had in me
and it makes nothing seem like giving up or settling
and i've never been a person that feels okay when i settle
which is what this is probably
after watching netflix all day.

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